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We partner with companies across the world to establish and maintain strong relationships that allow us to source the highest quality chemical products available. Whether your raw material needs are for commodities or rare specialties, Ajman group will be able to provide you with the best possible solution.
We make it easy for our customers to know that their order is being handled properly at every step of the distribution process. It is our privilege to use our long-standing chemical and raw material expertise to provide honest, valuable business to customers and suppliers alike.

Chemical is our Reputation

In the oil and gas industry, obtaining the correct chemistry for your application can result in increased production, increased run time, and a longer lifecycle for your assets. you can count on us with our top products.

NO to Foaming

We have developed a novel polymeric antifoams that break and hinder the formation of foam in water treatment ,oil and gas applications. Increased foam can be a result of biological activity, mechanical action or chemical contamination. Foam is a challenge as it can reduce total capacity production volumes, reduce volume outputs and increase operational costs.

Activated carbon miracles

Activated charcoal has become quite the trend in the last couple years, showing up in everything from toothpaste and body wash to ice cream and hamburger buns. what is your application ? suitable grade is available …

Special lubricants

High quality branded lubricants, grease and chemicals  associated with engineering essentials to all sectors of industry. We recognize the importance of supplying these products directly to our end user or OEM customers correctly, quickly and competitively thus maintaining their continuous services and production.

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